Targeted Data For Financial Advisors

Once you have determined which people who you would prefer to attend your event, you may begin the process of identifying them demographically. This target audience may be defined by age, gender, income, location, interests, professions, skills, etc.

Confirmation Calls for Financial Advisors

Confirmation calls are a critical point of contact for any successful event or seminar marketing campaign. Making the effort at confirmation of attendance increases the likelihood the attendee who made the reservation will actually appear as expected.

Inbound Leads for Financial Advisors

You may choose to have the inbound RSVP calls generated by your event promotions go to your office. However, it should be considered that you may not be able to provide 24/7 coverage of your phones or the multiple lines necessary to handle bursts in volume. Call center services provide the best solution to these issues.

Seminar & Event Marketing for Advisors

To understand the effectiveness of dinner seminars we have to understand why people attend these events. The reason they come is the food. Some may be curious about you and your message but they show up for the dinner. That’s why you offer a meal – to attract people to your event. You are making it convenient for them to attend around dinner time. Your main objective is to get them to like and trust you as soon as possible while you educate them.