What is the Billion Dollar Campaign?
Within close proximity to your office, there are around 1,000 potential clients with one million or more in investible assets.

1,000 potential clients, multiplied by one million in investible assets equals an unrealized "Billion Dollar Honey Hole".
The Science of Brand Conditioning
Rather than conduct a one-time mailing promoting just one event, we’re taking advantage of proven marketing science.

Brand conditioning is a form of marketing that directly influences a consumer’s decision to choose a product or service.

By exposing a consumer to a product or service over time, we build trust and a positive association that results in a higher conversion rate based on increased consumer confidence.
Your Automated Campaign
After creating a targeted list of 1,000 prospects with investible assets of one million or more, we launch your campaign.

This campaign continues to go to your list every month, educating them; and building trust over time.

Your logo, name, and image become branded as the financial expert to turn to for investment advice.

As a result, you establish a long-term funnel of inbound leads that will continue to support and grow your business without ongoing marketing effort.
Effective Marketing That Delivers
We design each postcard with an appealing, newspaper-style layout that has a proven track record for success.

Each postcard will focus on a timely investment topic important to consumers. There will also be a valuable Free Report or Free analysis offer, providing your audience incentive to reach out to you for assistance (free reports are done-for-you and included as part of the campaign).

Once we launch your Billion Dollar Campaign, your only job is to respond to inbound calls from potential clients.