Companies who use data driven marketing drive
8X as much ROI as those who don't!

How it Works


Our marketing provides highly qualified and motivated consumers. We ensure that the data driven strategies and programs necessary to reach the consumers that fit the demographics you target are seamlessly deployed.


Strong, attention-grabbing visuals are a crucial part of winning today's competition for consumer attention. We must ensure your image stands out above the rest. This remains key regardless of whether your prospective customer interaction involves them opening a physical mailbox, or accessing their email or social media. CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLES


Our partnership with the United Postal Service allows for real time tracking updates directly in your member dashboard. By using the most up-to-date data feeds and one-to-one tracking you can ensure your message gets delivered with 100% accuracy. So sure, we GUARANTEE it!


Your campaign includes access to our Quantus AIM (Actionable, Intelligence-based Marketing) portal complete with list demographics, mail delivery patterns, campaigns, and much more.

Watch It Work

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DATALeader® Seminar Marketing

Why It Works

Direct Mail

Persons aged 65 and older respond well to direct mail advertising. This group is highly likely (76%) to open their mail and they are likely to live at the same location for a long period of time (84%). While persons over 65 may use online resources, they statistically respond better to print and mail communication.

Refined Mailing Lists

Utilizing a combination of 3rd party acquired lists (primarily Acxiom Infobase®) and accumulated behavioral and performance data culled from myriad marketing campaigns, DATALeader® provides the most robust demographic targeting achievable.


Quality, by definition, may take many forms. First and foremost, at DATALeader®, we see quality as a measure of customer satisfaction. We believe that if we bring quality and accuracy to all aspects of our product and product-driven results, your satisfaction will be all but guaranteed.

Customer Service

Our team is here to help. We take ownership of your marketing and our attention to detail renders that obvious. Simply put, your success is our success.

Results Tracking

DATALeader® believes that measurement of outcomes must be analyzed via a rigorous scientific-method-based approach.

Proven Mail Design

Our visually compelling mail piece designs have been proven effective as evidenced by their consistently elevated performance - time and again.