The DATALeader® Follow-up Program is a recurring direct

mail campaign for people who did not set an appointment after your seminar.

Our Follow-up Program establishes an ongoing dialogue with individuals in your seminar funnel funnel who haven’t scheduled an appointment yet.

"The postcard messaging is customized
specifically for responders who failed to
appear, and for responders who attended,
but did not book an appointment."

A "responder" is anyone who
falls into one of four categories:

  1. Those who attended and booked appointments
  2. Those who attended and did not book an appointment.
  3. Those who failed to appear altogether.
  4. Those who you would prefer not to ever attend again (such as those who are disruptive, unqualified, attended multiple times with no appointment.)

"...stay top of mind with people all year long."

The initial postcard for responders who failed to appear, thanks them for their interest in your seminar, acknowledges they missed the seminar and its valuable content, and displays a call-to-action to schedule a one-on-one appointment for more information.

For those who attended but did not book an appointment, their initial postcard will thank them for their attendance, reiterate the core message of the seminar, and request they reach out for a one-on-appointment for any questions they may have.

After the Follow-up Program automated drip campaign is launched, it will continue based on your specified selection (monthly, bi-monthly, bi-weekly, weekly). You may also stay in touch through one-time mailings.

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