Inbound Leads for Financial Advisors

You may choose to have the inbound RSVP calls generated by your event promotions go to your office. However, it should be considered that you may not be able to provide 24/7 coverage of your phones or the multiple lines necessary to handle bursts in volume. Call center services provide the best solution to these issues.

Using a call center will provide a toll-free number, 24/7 phone coverage, and a telephony system capable of handling potentially huge call volumes.

The event information is entered into the call center interface along with scripted questions to determine precise contact information, meal selections, guest comfort matters (such as food allergies, handicap accommodations, attendee guest information, etc.).

You control the number of allowable guests by simply adding that information to the scripting tool. You may also add qualifying questions to the call script.

The call center provides real-time attendee/guest sign up information as your campaign is delivered via a simple CRM interface. Attendee rosters and name badges may be printed to provide a means to check-in your attendees.

The toll-free number may be reused for all your ongoing campaigns and may be assigned for perpetual use.