Targeted Data For Financial Advisors

Targeted Audience Demographics

Once you have determined which people you would prefer to attend your event, you may begin the process of identifying them demographically. This target audience may be defined by age, gender, income, location, interests, professions, skills, etc.

The following demographic data points are most often used to define the ideal attendee group for financial seminars and educational events:


Age ranges may be selected using varying degrees of accuracy. For general seminar use, Age - Adult 2 Year Age Bands provides the necessary level of refinement. In other situations, such as Social Security Timing or Medicare enrollment programs, you may wish to use Age - Adult Month of Birth in order to precisely identify those potential attendees whose age correctly matches the product offered.


The notion that "more is not always better" may be axiomatic of income data. There are several available data points to make use of including: Estimated Income - Higher Ranges, Estimated Income - Narrow Ranges, Income - Broad Range and Income - Premium Income Range. It is often the case that simply selecting higher income brackets will not produce ideal audience shaping outcomes. For example: if you are delivering a Social Security optimization program, you will likely find that high income individuals (>$500k) will be significantly underrepresented in your responders for obvious reasons.

Net Worth

Indicators of Net Worth provide a simple means of identifying the affluence of potential attendees. However, this data point does not filter out illiquid assets such as home equity or the value of accumulated possessions.

Income Producing Assets (IPA)

Claritas® Income Producing Assets is the gold standard for identifying those prospects with the type of liquid assets most desirable to Financial Advisors seeking an audience primarily composed of those with money to invest. Income Producing Assets Profiles provide insight into the liquid assets of a household based on responses to the Claritas Financial Track survey of financial behaviors, the largest financial survey in the industry. Through this survey, Claritas collects actual dollar measures from each survey respondent.

Geographic Location

When you have selected your venue, a radius is determined to contain the selected group to a reasonable travel distance while meeting quantity goals.

DATALeader’s experts can help! Once we have determined who your audience should be, we will construct the demographic profile information needed to ensure the success of your event.