Confirmation Calls for Financial Advisors

Confirmation calls are a critical point of contact for any successful event or seminar marketing campaign. Making the effort at confirmation of attendance increases the likelihood the attendee who made the reservation will actually appear as expected.

You may choose to have the call center make confirmation calls on your behalf for a modest additional charge. However, you or someone in your office making these calls dramatically decreases attendee failure to appear. It is that simple. The fact that you are making personal contact creates comfort and familiarity.

You may have memorable conversations that you can reference during your meeting to engender a connection with your audience. You may find that the prospect is utterly unqualified and it would be best if they did not attend.

Perhaps the prospect has a specific question that would best be handled on a one-on-one basis – many advisors report securing office appointments during the confirmation call process.

The best way to initiate such calls may be to approach the conversation as one which is attempting to ensure the attendee and their guests’ comfort.

Questions about food allergies, wheelchair access, hearing or sight limitations and so forth; or assurances about COVID safety or the absence of any sales pressure or obligation may be helpful.

The value of high-quality confirmation calls can not be understated – it should be viewed as a crucial piece of the overall event marketing effort.